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Let's go, Haji!!! ~To the bedroom!

01. Name: Lauren
02.Age:17... turning 18 in less than a month and a half
04.What is your Chinese Zodiac? The Horse
05.Do you think your zodiac animal fits you? Why or why not? Considering my life is horses and I'm happiest around them and plan to work with them as my career and that I get really grumpy when I'm not around them... yeah X3 it fits.
06.If you could do something and suffer no consequences, what would you do and why?I would probably... take the car and just drive to anywhere... as far as I could and see what I could. Maybe the beach in the snow... I donno, or I'd go and take my old horse (that the owner had to sell, I miss him everyday) and just take him for a ride.
07.If you could have any animal (real or fictional) as a pet, what would you choose and why? A horse, because I love them so much... and more specifically, my baby because we just clicked. (Or Haji... joking....though he is sorta like Saya's loyal puppy... -thinks of the Nightwalker city chibi pic and giggles-)
08.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Explain why.I would make myself braver, so that I could tell people how I really without fearing rejection and I would take chances to show my true self to more people... I want to wear my heart on my sleeve a little more.
09.What character do you feel you are least like? Explain.Probably...Solomon, cause I'd be too chicken to go after the person I love, like he did. (And while I'm a crazy HajiSaya fan for a long list of reasons, I admire Solomon for his effort and lack of fear of rejection) Maybe if I acted more like him, I wouldn't have been hurt so badly by a person that I once really loved. I tend to act much tougher than i am...
10.If you could be one inanimate object, what would you be? Why?Haji's pants. joking again...kind of... No, really, I'd be a child's beloved stuffed animal. That way, I could provide happiness and comfort to someone and receive love in return.
11.Describe what you were/are like as a student. I'm a good student who does her work... but is always bored by it... especially now that I got into college, I'm so sick of my school work. But, I can't help it.. I have to do it, I'm just compelled to. I get As and Bs..
12.What are your dreams and aspirations?Explore as much of the world as I can, Fall madly in love, get a job training/working with horses. But mostly, fall madly in love... I want to know how that feels, even how painful it can be... I want to know that kind of emotion.
13.Name your greatest fear(s) (if applicable)Death... but not my own as much as the death of the people I love most. If I lost those people... that's my worst fear. That, and dying with things I still need to tell the people I love.
14.What are your strengths?Nice, Sweet, Outgoing, Adventurous, Willing to try almost anything once (Almost.. meaning not drugs, or like drunk driving or stuff like that.)
15.What are your weaknesses?I'm proud, A perfectionist(which could be good, but it tends to make me feel frustrated),Stubborn(though I'm a sorta proud of it), once I'm mad I tend to get really mad.
16.What are your pet peeves?They mostly involve other drivers and how dumb are...
17.What is the most important aspect of your life? My life around the horses, because they don't have an alternative motive, they love you or dislike you, but you always know. And, they just make me so happy, my worries and fears just drift away.
18.If you could have one super human power, what would it be? Why? I'd want to fly, I think.. because sometimes I just feel the urge to escape and go somewhere else... just to fly away. Either that, or to control time so I could stop it and think or go back and do some things again.
19.What is/are your opinion(s) about the members of your immediate family?Sometimes they drive me absolutely nuts...In fact, they usually drive me absolutely nuts, but I probably do the same to them and I never want to know what life would be like without them. I love them to death.
20.How would your friends describe you?Insane...lol. Since I'm not them, I can't say for sure...but probably loud and outgoing and crazy and, hopefully, a lot of fun... Just last night my one friend told me that she didn't know what she'd do without me and I make it easy for her to smile and be happy.
21.How you react in stressful situations?I have one of two reactions... I either completely freak out and panic before finally rallying and handling it, or, if it's something urgent that needs to be handled right away, I usually take a deep breath and just manage.
22.What qualities do you dislike in other people?I really dislike when people are fake.. act fake or show fake emotions... or are snobs or are not open-minded at all.
23.Someone you don’t know very well corners you, making false accusations about something you’ve said or done, they’re looking to fight. What do you do? I... probably start off looking like a deer in the headlights of a truck, then, if they're yelling at me.. I'd probably wind up being really timid or wind up yelling back, depending on my mood, but I'd definitely really panicky...
24.Who is the most important person to you in your life? Why?Right now... and a lot lately... my friend Julia. I can be completely myself around her. I can tell her all my secrets and trust that she won't laugh or make me feel bad. We've only been friends since the beginning of high school, but I can't imagine life without her. I love her so much.
25.Post at least two pictures of yourself. (optional) Honestly... I only have one picture of myself of how I look now...and I hate the pic... lol.
A pic of me that I took right now with the camera in my compy..damn..I look so blah in this pic...I've been sick to so I'm in my pj's

Here's me and Oxy, my baby (from September) that I took myself... yeah...I look so dumb in this pic XD But isn't Oxy so cute!?

Thanks for reading my long blabbing! -is off to rate other people-
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