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"Let's go, Hagi!"

01. Name: Alas
02.Age: 21
03.Gender: Female

04.What is your Chinese Zodiac? Ox
05.Do you think your zodiac animal fits you? Why or why not? Yes, I personally think that it’s the Ox spirit in me that makes my bones big, my temper boil, my skin tough, my mentality sharp, my laziness prominent, my creative streak significant, my longing desire for a family of my own terrifying, and my love life nonexistent.
06.If you could do something and suffer no consequences, what would you do and why? Turn back time. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of turning back time... just to fix the small things in life to make the biggest difference nowadays.
07.If you could have any animal (real or fictional) as a pet, what would you choose and why? I would sadly choose a kiwi, a cat, and a platypus. I think each animal has a very distinct personality and just seeing the three different animals interact would just be so rich! =3
08.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Explain why. My weight. I feel that I would love myself even MORE than I do now.
09.What character do you feel you are least like? Explain. Probably Kaori, she’s the kind of person who I like to be. Kind, simple, caring... normal! I feel that I’m too complex to be like her.
10.If you could be one inanimate object, what would you be? Why? A mask. The ability to see what others cannot is a power I wish to be part of.
11.Describe what you were/are like as a student. In high school, I was the life of my group (which consisted of a group of 6 smart girls, two of which were Valedictorians in my graduating year, and me) I was the only real athlete in the whole group (played water polo and I swam for the school and city team all throughout my high school career). I had a passion for acting as well as singing. I was the president of the Literature club during my senior year in high school. I was considered a wallflower loner during my days as a student but it actually there was more of me that I wished I could have showed to my fellow students but never got the chance to as I was pressured to never make a fool out of myself. That handicapped me to never take any real risks.
12.What are your dreams and aspirations? To get married at 25. Love my kids, my husband, my job, my family. Die in my sleep.
13.Name your greatest fear(s) (if applicable) Dying with regrets
14.What are your strengths? I have a very creative mind. My use of language (My friends tell me that I give the best advices). Strong will and high motivation. At times, I can be very resourceful as well as a hard worker. I’m not good at a lot of different things, but the tings that I’m good at, I excel at. I’m empathetic and good with children. I’m good at teaching as well helping those who are in need.
15.What are your weaknesses? My temper. My stubbornness. I’m not a very fast learner at times and that makes me handicap. I can get restless at times. I can be a bit morbid at times.
16.What are your pet peeves? Those who call me Taiwanese when I say that I’m Thai (from Thailand). Those people who are too high strung. Those people who freak out at the littlest things. I hate people who are narrow-minded. I hate stupid people (and I say that only pertaining to those who have the chance to better themselves and they don’t. “Stupidity” is not those people who want to better themselves and cannot). I hate people who abuse children as well as those who speak of getting abortion as if it was a like going to the store and picking a live fish out of the water tank and getting the butcher to kill it for your dinner.
17.What is the most important aspect of your life? My “alone time”. It gives me a chance to reflect on the day’s events as well as let my creative mind wonder off into the deeps of some far off distant world. It also lets me appreciate the little things in life as I’m not bombarded with the craziness of the world and the people in it.
18.If you could have one super human power, what would it be? Why? The ability to control time and change the past. As I said before, people who have the ability of control over time, they need not be immortal.
19.What is/are your opinion(s) about the members of your immediate family? Well, my family is definitely one that I could write a family drama about. It’s complex, drama-filled, comedic, heart wrenching, and, at times, exceedingly random. I love my family (no matter how many times I say that I hate it) and will love it until the last second the heavens permit me to breathe the air of this earth.
20.How would your friends describe you? “A good friend who is loyal and generous. She’s the kind of girl you would want to have on your side in a battle because she’s a lot like a samurai; fight till the death or else you die by your own hands. She, in my opinion, is one of those girls that would make a good mom, but an even better wife. She’ll make a special man very lucky one day. She can be kind of cold to you the first time you met her but she will open up very quickly and make you feel right at home in her company. She’s such a complex girl that sometimes her mind is too obscure to understand. She doesn’t trust people very easily because she’s been hurt a lot in the past but she’s trying her best to open up as the years pass by. She could be larger than life and when she smiles, you wonder if this world could be any happier. One of the most fascinating features of her is probably her eyes. They’re truly like a window into the byzantine enigma of her mind.”
21.How you react in stressful situations? Calmly. That’s the most efficient way to go about it, I think.
22.What qualities do you dislike in other people? Close-mindedness, the use of harsh words, impatience, rudeness, moronic behavior, drinking/smoking/drug issues, flaky people, etc.
23.Someone you don’t know very well corners you, making false accusations about something you’ve said or done, they’re looking to fight. What do you do? Try my best to avoid fighting all together but if push comes to shove, I will try my best to defend myself to the best of my abilities. If I think that I cannot handle it by myself, I will search for the aid of someone who is more capable.
24.Who is the most important person to you in your life? Why? My sisters.
25.Post at least two pictures of yourself. (optional) I don’t have any recent pictures of myself. But if you look at my icon, I kinda' look like that girl except my hair is black instead of red and my eyes are brown instead of green.
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