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Let's Go Hagi

01. Name:Lauren

04.What is your Chinese Zodiac?Snake
05.Do you think your zodiac animal fits you? Why or why not? Not completely, because i'm a little more relaxed than that. I like to have fun too. I'm not manipulative either. I'm more empathetic than cold.
06.If you could do something and suffer no consequences, what would you do and why?Wander around for an entire day where ever I please because I like seeing new things, yet i'm tied to responsibilities most of the time. Even if i'm not doing much, seeing things are nice.
07.If you could have any animal (real or fictional) as a pet, what would you choose and why? A wolf because they're fascinating, strong, beautiful creatures as well as loyal.
08.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Explain why.I would make myself a little more outspoken. I don't stand up enough for myself enough and keep things about me to myself.
09.What character do you feel you are least like? Explain. Van Argeno because I could never treat people coldly or care so little.
10.If you could be one inanimate object, what would you be? Why? A pocketwatch so I could keep track of people's time and be carried around.
11.Describe what you were/are like as a student. I did well, but got distracted by things I feel are more important. I always did my homework and assignments though.
12.What are your dreams and aspirations? I'm not sure. I suppose to enjoy life, but makes others happy too.
13.Name your greatest fear(s) Hurting the people who are important to me. I wouldn't like being alone, but I could do it.
14.What are your strengths? I'm empathetic (maybe a little too much), i'm happy to help, I become sad like anyone else, but I can usually cheer myself up. I enjoy the simple things. I'm silly and like to have fun. I love animals. I have a sense of self, i know who I am and nothing can change that
15.What are your weaknesses? I don't stand up enough for myself, I keep a lot of secrets about myself, and I have trouble saying no or being "mean" to other people.
16.What are your pet peeves? Homophobics, rascists, obnoxious people/braggarts, cruelty
17.What is the most important aspect of your life? Family, friends, pursuing interests like anime
18.If you could have one super human power, what would it be? Why? Speed/strength so I could jump around. It looks like a lot of fun and I could protect people.
19.What is/are your opinion(s) about the members of your immediate family? My Dad and I get along wonderfully, he's intelligent and fun. My Mom and I talk a lot, she tends to be moody so we're either at odds or ok. She's very loving, but sort of jealous. My younger brother has a temper and is self-conscious around people. He's supportive
20.How would your friends describe you? Silly, caring, a little naive.
21.How you react in stressful situations? Cool on the surface, emotional underneath
22.What qualities do you dislike in other people? Same things under pet peeves.
23.Someone you don’t know very well corners you, making false accusations about something you’ve said or done, they’re looking to fight. What do you do?Try to correct them, but if they keep pushing, i'll fight.
24.Who is the most important person to you in your life? Why? Hm, that's tough. I guess my younger brother because we support one another, share some interests, and know each other better than anyone else.
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